Maly Marketing

Shop Size
  • Nimble (2 to 10 Employees)

Company Bio

We work hard to produce our best work for each client. We’re proud of our work. Sometimes we don’t get it right on the first try. Things happen. When things go wrong, we own it. We take responsibility for our wins and our losses. We learn from mistakes, and we don’t repeat them. “Best work. No bullshit.” is not just a motto; it is our culture. It’s something that we work toward every day, for each client. It’s the end result of our values and our commitment to producing work that our clients can be proud of. Creative problem solving is our specialty. Because most of our clients aren’t dealing with massive budgets, we’ve found that it helps to look for solutions that are straightforward and inexpensive to implement. There’s no need to start talking about rebranding if a targeted direct-mail or digital campaign can solve the problem. Although, if we need to start from scratch with a new brand or a rebrand, we have plenty of experience there as well.

Company Details

  • Lincoln
  • Government
  • Outdoor
  • Campaigns
  • Out Of Home Media
  • Print Design
Key People
  • Activist: Steve Maly
  • Art Director: Ben Swift
  • Creative Director: Griffin Gale
Notable Clients
  • Nebraska's Big Rodeo
  • Seward County
  • Visit Brianerd