Bailey Lauerman

Year Founded
  • 1970
Shop Size
  • Large (60 to 99 Employees)

Company Bio

We are Bailey Lauerman. A 47-year-old creative company located in Omaha, Nebraska. We represent The Everything In Between. A place. A mindset. A large group of people that can no longer just be flown over. Ignored. De-prioritized. A complex, diverse segment centrally important to scaling businesses and brands. We are Bailey Lauerman and we are made for America. Out of respect for people's time and intelligence, we apply a pared-down practicality to our work for clients ranging from Panda Express and Cuties to Phillips 66 and Cargill. With that belief, we've been named Advertising Age’s National Small Agency of the Year and have been ranked number four in the Effie Effectiveness Index for most effective independent agencies in North America.

Company Details

  • Omaha
  • Campaigns
  • Marketing
Key People
  • Chairman & Chief Executive Officer: Carter Weitz
  • Chief Executive Officer: Greg Andersen
Notable Clients
  • Bosch
  • Cargill
  • Netflix